Price Reduction Day and Hold Policies

Price Reduction Day (PRD) and Hold Policies

 SCHEDULED MARKDOWNS: Our store computer system will transfer data to our website at VARIED times after 12 Midnight CST (based on software & data transfer speeds.) AFTER THESE TRANSFERS OCCUR, items will be be shown and available for online purchase at the reduced price.

• If you are awaiting a scheduled markdown, please make sure the price reduction has occurred online before checking out. Please be aware that all items on the website are for sale AT THE PRICE SHOWN and customers are responsible to pay the price shown in their cart at checkout.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.

• Customers making the decision to await a price change may consider shopping online, as price-reduced items are available there sooner.

 • We will process online sales ASAP, but items may sell overnight (or even as you are browsing) and still be on our showroom floor.

• We will no longer be able to place a hold on items on the sales floor, as they are continually available for online purchase.

On Price Reduction Day, at 10 am, the following will apply if the item has not already sold overnight:

--- If the item has not yet sold online and there are multiple people present to purchase the same item, we will use a deck of cards. The person who draws the highest card wins the right to purchase the item.

--- If the item has not yet sold online, customers who come to the store to purchase an item at 10 am take priority over customers calling by phone at 10 am.

--- If the item has not yet sold online and no one comes into the store to make the purchase at 10 am, then a customer calling by phone is able to purchase the item with a credit card. 

--- If the item has not yet sold online and you call the store at 10 am on PRD and we do not answer, feel free to immediately try calling again!