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Posh Peacock has been handling large estates in-store for over 11 years.  We use two different terms to differentiate them, this is consignor talk not lawyer talk.

The first type is called a Living Estate. This term fits someone who is still in full control of their possessions and is making their own arrangements to move.  These tend to be our baby boomers who are downsizing from very large homes into condos, senior living communities or are relocating to warmer climates. This category would also include families who are moving out of state or country and need to unload a lot of things quickly.

The other type of estate we’ve named a Secondary Estate. In this case, a relative has either passed away or is no longer able to handle their own decisions.  We deal with the person who has been appointed as their Power of Attorney or Executor.

Please call the store at 402-933-9666 rather than going through our website as we’ll have a list of questions which will help us assess your situation.  We’ll then provide you with several options to consider based on your unique circumstances. One option may be to have an in-home consultation. Please note there is a $250 minimum fee for this service. The fee will vary by size of home and/or upper price range of contents. Payment is due at the time of appointment (cash or check is accepted). This fee will be reimbursed after you’ve reached a pre-determined consignor payout dollar amount which will be set at time of appointment.

In many cases we encourage you to divide your delivery of furniture and accessories into two different appointment dates.  This helps if you need to leave some items for staging in the event of putting the home on the market for sale.  This also can provide room to sort through things at a less hectic pace.

We can provide you with names of 3 moving companies that many of our clients have referred to us as being reliable, careful and reasonably priced.  This is not an endorsement of any specific moving company, but instead a courtesy gesture to offer a starting point for you to find a mover.

Your items will be displayed in our large, professionally staged showroom for 60 days with the opportunity for hundreds of people to see them on a weekly basis. We take your furniture, rugs, art & accessories and blend it with other quality items to make your pieces visually appealing.  If you have never been to our store, we invite you to take a video walk-through at poshpeacock.net.

In addition to our local showroom, we have a fabulous website and a large social media following. Your furniture will be catalogued on poshpeacock.net with photos, prices and dimensions.  A weekly email is sent to over 2,500 customers who have signed up to see our new arrivals FIRST before anyone else.  These items are then shared with our 12,500+ Facebook followers.  Our customers know we offer value and quality in one location and they check to see what has arrived each week.

During the 60 day consignment period, price reductions occur each 20 days per the contract. We do not negotiate prices with shoppers. We accept Visa & Mastercard, as well as cash, so buyers have several payment options.

All of these factors work together to get your items sold quickly and for the best price possible. Posh Peacock becomes your partner for 60 days and our goal is to make the process as stress free as possible for you and your family.

In the past 11 years we have been chosen and trusted by lawyers, bank trustees, realtors and families just like you. Posh Peacock will handle the sale of your treasured possessions with dignity and care.