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Helpful Info!

Tags & Markdowns

As a Posh Peacock shopper, knowing how to read the price tag is key! Most tags, (but not all) have three prices. In the lower right corner will be the price the item is given upon arrival (see A). If the item is still in the store after a period of days, it’s price will be discounted 20% (see B) and if it lasts another set period of days, the original price will drop by 40%. (see C). So it's important to look at the line in the middle of the tag and note the dates! To find the current price, all you have to do is consider today’s date in relation to the dates on the center line. If today’s date is after one of the listed dates, it is that price. If the dates have not happened yet, it will be the price to the left. Read more about what happens on the stated dates in the "Price Reduction Day" section below.

Price Reduction Day

The dates listed on our tags represent a Price Reduction Day (PRD). At 10 am on the PRD an item's price is officially reduced, and to prevent our boss from selling it to the cutest male customer, we have some rules that everyone must follow...

• Items are sold at the reduced price at 10:00 am – NOT BEFORE.

• If two or more customers are here at 10 and want to purchase the same item, we use a deck of cards. The person who draws the highest card wins the right to purchase the item.

• On PRD, customers who come to the store to purchase an item at 10 am take priority over customers calling by phone at 10 am.

• If no one comes into the store to make the purchase at 10 am, then a customer calling by phone is able to purchase the item with a credit card. 

• If you call the store at 10 am on PRD and we do not answer, feel free to immediately try calling again!

• We do not hold items the night before PRD or on PRD.