Consignors and Consignment Terms

We are ALWAYS taking new consignors! Posh Peacock consignors come to our store because we price fairly, sell quickly and pay promptly. Over our seven years of business, many consignors have returned on a repeat basis and have recommended us to their family and friends. It is this proven track record that will help you consign and sell your items simply and quickly!

We accept excellent condition, smoke-free furniture, art, lamps, rugs, and accessories. Whether you have a few items or house full of furniture, it is easy to consign with us! See details below. Once we receive your online information, we will gladly evaluate your items and let you know if we can accept them for consignment. We will also provide a price estimate. After this preview, an appointment time will be set for you to bring the items to our store.


3 Simple Steps to Consign

1. Show Us the Item(s)



  • There is no need to show us the items in advance, so you can skip right to step #2. Please call the store at 402-933-9666 to set up an appointment to bring your items in. We will go through them together at that time and assign prices.


  • Please complete the Consignment Submission Form** and let us know if you would like a private offsite furniture preview. We will then contact you to set up an appointment. Please note there is a $250 minimum fee for a private preview, due at time of appointment. This fee will be credited back to you with your sale proceeds.

**Once we have received your information and photos, we will be in touch with you within a week. At that time we will let you know if we can accept your items and provide an approximate price at which we feel we can sell your items. We take great strides to research any unusual items to arrive at the best price. We have a reputation of fair pricing, which is why most items sell quickly.

2. Set Up an Appointment

Once you have submitted your furniture photos by email and received approval and a price estimate, you can call the store at 402-933-9666 to arrange an appointment time for your furniture items to come into the store. Please bring someone with you to unload your items. Pickup and delivery services are available through third party vendors for a fee. We are happy to provide a list of names if you need this service. Consignors and/or their movers are required to assemble all items as necessary upon delivery. All items must be clean when they arrive, or they may be rejected.

Upon delivery, a copy of the consignment contract and a listing of the items you are consigning will be provided.

3. Sit back and wait for your check!

Consignor sales are totaled at the end of the month and checks are mailed out on the 15th of the following month for balances greater than $20.

Top Reasons to Consign with Posh Peacock

THINK GREEN • Reuse and recycle works with quality furniture just like it does other things! What you need to sell may be just the item someone else is seeking!

SIMPLICITY • It’s simple and easier than selling an item yourself!

SAFETY • It’s safer than having strangers come into your home or meeting up with an online scammer!

EXPOSURE • At Posh Peacock, we connect buyers and sellers! We have a large showroom where your items will be tastefully displayed for hundreds of shoppers each week. In addition to our popular website and social media sites, we also advertise in local magazines and on radio. All of this exposure means there’s a better chance for your items to be seen than you trying it on your own.

EXPERIENCE •  Posh Peacock is in its sixth year of business, and our owner’s experience in both interior design and sales has created a strong and growing customer following. You can put this experience to work for you!

CONFIDENCE • Our consignors recommend us! Many customers who have consigned items continue to do so and recommend us to their friends and family!

$$ • You can avoid the struggle of doing it yourself. No lowball offers and haggling. We do the research and sell your furnishings and accessories at prices that are fair and provide you with money in your pocket! Payments are automatically generated each month! Bring in your items – get a check in the mail after they have sold!